Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do you need something?

My name is not hey. I'm not a dog so don't whistle at me. Snap at your kids for attention and not me. These are not valid options to get my attention. Excuse me works well or you can call me by my name. Sir is also acceptable. Do not whistle at me or I will shove my fist down your throat. Do not put you hand in the air and start snapping franticly or I will make you eat your fist. Saying "Hey, Hey, hey, hey!" over and over will only encourage me to fully ignore you. I did see you trying to flag me down, while I was taking another tables order ;and as soon as I am done with this table I will come right over there and kick your teeth in. That goes the same for my cocktail waitress and waitresses too. Their names are not baby, sugar, or sweet tits; and no they are not single and if they are they are not interested in a distasteful scum bag like you. You are not funny. You are not smooth. You are a drunk and obnoxious too. I know they are pretty and their job is to smile back at you, but they do not get paid extra to deal with your shit and this is not a strip club.

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