Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get out of the way!!!

Get out of MY way!!!!!! I understand that every seat and table in the bar and restaurant are completely filled. I understand that it is standing room only, but if you want a seat then get out of the staffs way. Let's start with your favorite bartender. If you don't move then he can't get in an out of the bar area to take orders from his customers; which means he can put there orders in and if they can't order food then they can not eat and leave. So you won't be able to sit down. Thanks for stepping aside briefly, but now he has to go get their food and bring it over to his table and refill drinks. Yep, you are still in the walk way and in the way. This is the fifth time he has had to squeeze past you and say "Excuse Me" very nicely to you, and that is just for this one table. Obviously you want that table. I can tell by the way you are hovering over them and have made their eating experience uncomfortable the entire time, but they could have been gone a long time ago if you were not standing in the way.

Oh, you are on the waiting list?! Sanding at the hostess stand will not get you a table faster. What will get you table faster is getting out of the staffs way. You see that old busser that you live so much? You are in his way. Move!! Out da way!! Out da way!! His job is to take the dirty dishes back to the dishwasher so that the dishwasher can clean the dirty dishes and run them through the dishwashing machine to get clean. This is important, because after those dishes get cleaned they are sent to the kitchen to be filled with food for the friendly customers at one of the tables you covet. We can not seat you until we feed the people that are currently waiting for their food. By the way, now you are standing in front of the service window exit; which is where the servers and food runners pick up the food, now that we have clean plates, to deliver it to one of several tables through out the bar and restaurant. That would go smoother and faster if you would get out of the way, because we can't get people their food with you standing right their and you can't have that table until they get their food first. This is not a drive through fast food window and if it was the same applies. You can not get your food until the car in front of you gets theirs.

So stop standing in our walkways!!!

Dumb asses!

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