Sunday, February 27, 2011

Are these your kids?

Stop running! Don't throw that! Stop yelling!  Slow down please!  These are the things I am telling random children through out the night.  Are these your kids?  You know the ones running all over the restaurant, all sugared up and behaving like animals. All while you feed them quarters to keep them distracted from you and don't throw a tantrum infront of everyone.  How about the group of kids who just finished playing their game (still in their uniforms), playing tag and wrestling by the front entrance, over quarters.  Or the kid that keeps head butting me in the groin because he never pays attention to where he is walking while counting quarters.  Or the kid that who walks up every few minutes to ask if I have a few extra quarters.  Or the ones that pushed their way through some other customers, rudely, running to you for more quarters.  We are happy that you can find a place to go so that you can enjoy yourselves and completely ignore your children! However we are not paid baby-sitters.  Also, DO NOT come complaining to us because your child fell on their face. Ran into a server and fell on their face. Or that their friend threw a toy and hit them in the face. Or that they ran into a server, who happen to dropped a hot pizza on their face. Lastly, don't comlain that your child ran into the front door with their face. Maybe they just need to be slapped across the face. Ever think of that?  And don't get mad at the table next to you for chastising your child publicly, when you refuse to teach them any manners or social restraint. If you can't control your kids then leave them at home-very simple.  If you were insulted by these statements, maybe you are not the great parent that you think you are and maybe your kids are not the shining examples of perfection that you claim them to be.  Call someone who cares.  Here are some quarters!

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