Monday, February 28, 2011

You're not the only table here!

Yes, I see you there looking impatient and staring at me intensely. But you're not the only table in the restaurant right now. Seriously, go ahead and look around you. It's okay, I'll wait. Yeah, you see all these other people here.You have something in common with all of them. They are also here to enjoy a good meal that they didn't want to cook for themselves. You all think that you're the only table in the restaurant and your service is far more important than anyone else around you. However, that is not reality! So wake up and stop acting like a douche. Wait your turn, for I am a waiter. Which means I don't wait around at the table for you to figure out what you are in the mood for. Especially while you argue with your spouse. It means you wait for me. I will get to you as soon as I am able to. In fact, I actually want your time here to be enjoyable and your service to be timely. However, I will not neglect the rest of my entire section to ensure that you are happy. I'd rather you be miserable and sit there all upset than have my other tables suffer. If you would just exercise some patience, your experience will be much smoother. Don't get all huffy and puffy with your server. Because you are not the only table in this restaurant.
 Wait your turn like everyone else! Thanks

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