Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Verbal Tip

Attention to those of you reading this and have ever worked in the bar or restaurant industry. You all know or have heard of a verbal tip. Your boyfriend or grandma and grandpa are guilty of this. A verbal tip usually means very little money or nothing at all. The nicer the customer and the nicer the things they say about you- the worst the tip. It's usually something like,"I just had to tell you that you are the best server we have ever had!" or "Tell the manager that you need a raise, because you are so good at your job." You're damn right I need a raise, because people like you don't know how to tip. If you really want to thank your server for excellent service may I suggest you actually tip them 20%. Because telling them that it was the best service that you have ever had and then hand them the bill with a 10% or less tip is really telling them that you are an idiot and a cheap ass for that matter. 10% tips do not pay the bills. Yes! We have bills too. Yes! We are people too. Yes! We suffer just like everybody else when the economy is down. So keep your verbal praises to yourself and give us the money or go to your favorite fast food drive through!

On behalf of Bartenders and Servers Worldwide!
TIPS: To Ensure Proper Service. And if this requirement is met, then pay up or don't come back because we aren't doing this for fun-thanks.

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