Monday, February 28, 2011

What's my name? Come on and guess.

Well let me throw a few guesses at you. Moron? Idiot? Jackass? None of those are your name? That's funny, because that's what we call you once you've gone! I'm not very good at guessing games. Should I guess again? Here's an idea. Tell me your name. I know you have before and I know what you normally like to drink too, but I may need a reminder a few times to remember your name. It's not a personal thing. You may be an asshole or you may just be one of the several hundred different people I serve on a weekly basis. You see with that many regulars, semi-regulars, irregulars, and randoms that come in here every day and week it gets difficult to memorize everyones names, but sometimes it's just easier to memorize who drinks what. Here is a helpful tip that will help your local bartender remember your name: Don't Be A Cheap Ass! First impressions are everything and so is that first TIP!

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