Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What would I like? What am I in the mood for? What sounds good?

These are three questions you should never ask your server. Strangely enough one of my fellow employees asked me one of them today after deciding to stay and eat while picking up his paycheck. You'd think he'd know better by now. I don't know what you like! I don't know what is good to you! I most certainly do not know what you crave for food! I have about fifty regulars that I could venture a guess on and you are not one of them. I have 20 regulars that always eat the same thing and I don't have to guess. Not to mention I hate guessing games. Let me guess your weight instead. Fat! Was I close? I would be happy to tell you what I like and why I like that menu item, but that may not do you any good. Every now and then when I answer these questions someone says "Ok, that sounds good", but that is one in out of a hundred. May I suggest starting off by telling your server why type of food you normally like to eat so that they first have a better understanding of your personal tastes. Then they should be able to make some valid suggestions for you, and if not it's because they suck. Assuming your server is not new, they should have extensive knowledge of the food and menu. Unless you are at a steak house and your server is a vegan or vegetarian. In that case I suggest you ask for a carnivorous server. What's good here? That is another dumb question. It is every servers job to sell you on the food. It is rare they will tell you to avoid the clam chowder; unless you are in Fight Club! Great movie. Have you seen the movie, Waiting? Yep, that is how we really feel.

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