Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I didn't like this, but I finished it anyway!

Ha ha this so common, unfortunately. Look, if you don't like something you should send it back immediately. Don't just grin and bare it. Either have it replaced with something else or have them make it again. If it was prepared wrong and is not the quality item that you expected then you should not accept it. By finishing your drink or meal you are stating that you enjoyed your item. Unfortunately human error happens and drinks and food can be sent out sub par, but it is your right as a customer to refuse it if it does not meet your standards or the restaurants standards. Your server, most likely, did not prepare your food or drink and is not offended from you returning said item. If you finish it, however, they have nothing to show the manager, bartender, or cooks and will not be able to correct the situation and learn from their mistake. If you do finish it, then try to complain or have it replaced, we are going to assume that you are just trying to cheat the system and get something for nothing. Which once again adds up to, Cheap! You know who you are! You are not the first person to run this scam on us and won't be the last, but know we see right through your lies.

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