Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sit! Stay! Good boy!

Here you go. Your server will be right with you. And as soon as the hostess walks away......

Here is your chance. Get up and move to any other open table that you see. Now make sure you look sour and angry when it takes your server five minutes to come greet you. Which isn't even your server, because you took it upon yourself to move into someone else's section with out telling anyone or asking if it was okay.  Never mind the fact that you moved from a table made for two to a table made for six to eight. However, we do apologize for your long wait; due to the fact that you just took the table that we were going to seat the party of seven for (Smith), that was right behind you on the waiting list. If our entire staff was not scrambling around to find them a new table then we would have been right with you. I'm here now to take your order and find out how else you can totally screw up my night.

Thank you table 28. Oh you moved to table 17.

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