Friday, March 4, 2011

Can I have a side of that too?

Still the same dumb ladies from table 12.

Yes you can have a side of that. I hope you choke on it too. Seriously, when you ordered your salad and ordered your dressing on the side, that would have been a good time to tell me the dressing you would like with the salad. However, because you are socially stupid, you waited until I brought out your salad to ask me what type of vinaigrette dressings we have. After I give you your options you politely ask for the Italian. "No problem" I say. I bring your Italian dressing and your dumb friend looks up at me in disgust and has the nerve to ask for one too. Now I have a problem! Listen here people! When your food comes it is expected that you may need a few more things to make your meal complete and enjoyable. That's our job, but if I have to go to the kitchen for one item at a time for every person at the table one person at a time; then I'm gonna snap and kill someone at your table. Maybe all of you. You all know you are going to need this and that on the side, but can't formulate a sentence to ask for all those items at the same time. When two people so this I get pissed off, but when an entire table of six or more do it then I lose control. That is just rude and inconsiderate. Thanks for the apology for making me make 10 different trips to your table when it could have taken one trip. Your welcome. To not come back.

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Christy said...

Fucking tards!!! Love it KC :)