Friday, March 4, 2011

Do you know who our server is?

This rant comes courteous of the two old ladies from table 12 today.

I'm your server. I am unfortunately. I'm glad you can stop two different people to ask who your server is right after I just left the table. Are you kidding me, bitch? I was just standing in front of you 1 1/2 minutes ago. Remember, I asked you if you were ready to order any food. You said that you needed a few minutes to look through the menu first. Then when I walked away, you grabbed the first person you saw, 30 seconds later, to ask who your server is, because you are ready to order and haven't seen your server in 10 minutes. Then as he comes over to tell me that you are ready to order you grab the next employee that walks by, 30 seconds later, to ask her who your server is. Come on. Are you really that stupid? Or just that impatient? So I come over to take your order, two minutes after leaving your table the first time, and you are all exacerbated about how hungry you are. Well then maybe you shouldn't have sent me away the first time saying you needed a few minutes to make up your mind. That crap drives me crazy. You are a pain in the ass and an idiot. Just stay home.

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Social Virus said...

"We work as a team." I invoke the Claim Jumper line whenever possible to explain the fact that there is no longer a direct connection from server to table. It is the essence of excuse, and the abandonment of responsibility that permeates our society today. It is the new model of service, and if I have to spend two more minutes inputting an order to dissect every dang thing that needs to go along with the food modifications themselves, I will.

No, I wont. Ask someone else for what the expediter was supposed to bring but did not because I did not spend the extra time putting that in when I could be getting rid of the weird guy at the pass-through window staring at me because he needs two shots of tequila before he can return to watch his daughter play softball.