Friday, March 4, 2011

Waters for the whole table

Your not even going to drink it. Don't you know we are in a drought? Why are you ordering water with your beer or soda? I still see your water sitting there with the ice melting and the condensation dripping down the side of the glass forming a puddle around the base of the glass. Yep, still no touch. Glad I could refill your soda five times, but remind me why you wanted that water again? I like water and drink a lot of it myself, but I drink it and only order it when I plan on drinking it. You should do the same. Don't order water for your entire party that has not arrives yet! Don't order water for the whole table when you sit down! Water is not for you to have something to stare at while you decide what it is that you really want to drink. Plus, if your friend orders water and you say,"That sounds good I'll take one too" then your an idiot. I applaud you for asking me at the same time and not making me take two trips. But since neither of you took a single sip of water, you guessed it, your'e an idiot. Just stay home damn it. Yes, the same two old ladies from table 12, but this happens a lot. Don't waste our time or our water.

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