Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is it too late to change my order?

No problem. Big time LIE! Yes, of course it's a problem, but not for you. You see if you would have stopped me before I put your order in, instead of eight full minutes later, it would not be an issue. Let me explain the restaurant time line for food. On average this is expected at most restaurants across the board, but fancy dining always takes longer. Appetizers 3-12 minutes. Salads 2-10 minutes. Entrees 8-15 minutes. Desserts 2-10 minutes. Now all of these times are averages and will depend on a variety of influences like: type of restaurant, type of food, ingredients in food, freshness of food, and how backed up the kitchen staff is. A lot of what we do depends on our kitchen staff. So considering these time lines that I have provided for you rethink that question again. Because, since you were indecisive and changed your mind we will now have to throw away your food that has already been started. No we can not do that. It's against the law. We can't give it to you for free anyway either. Their are people starving across the planet that would have loved that meal that you just ordered and then had us discard. Of course it's no problem! It really is. Make up your mind and stick with it.

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