Wednesday, April 13, 2011

StalkHer Much?

Today's blog comes from two recent occurrences.

Yes! She still works here! I told you that when you asked me last week and the three prior weeks when you asked me that. I know you don't come in as much as you use too. You have told me that for the last month. What kind of weirdo stalker are you anyway? A normal stalker would come in on her shifts to see her. I'm flattered that your perverted ass is here on my shift asking bout her, though. Most guys would just stair at her and say inappropriate comments. Then they would leave a slightly above average tip to try and impress her with there averageness, but you have chosen a non traditional route and applaud you for your unique perspective on allusive stalking. You could try and me more like that creepy forty eight year old that crept out of the dark corner of the bar the other night. For the record: Telling her that you remember when she was 16 and that she is still as pretty as she was then.....Is the king of Creepiness! What did he think was going to happen after that? They say that age is just a number and that love is blind to age differences, but that is just wrong.

Congratulations, sir, you have won the 'Creepiest Pick Up Line Ever Award'

Grab some friends and go out to celebrate your victory.

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Social Virus said...

I dont appreciate you posting messages about the customers that ask about me. I enjoy their infatuation with my continued existence in the world.