Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stop yelling at our hostess!

Hey, bitchy woman and dick-head man, you want to calm down right now? You are yelling at the top of your lungs at a 16 year old girl or boy. Most likely, now, a very frightened young girl! Do you feel empowered and relieved from your stressful week of work now? Now that you've unleashed all your built up venom (toward your boss probably), on this poor thing. Who had to get a job, because her parents wanted to teach her some responsibility. Who is too busy texting her new boyfriend to deal with you. I don't blame her. You are loud and rude, and I'd rather be gossiping on Facebook too. Come on, there has to be something more interesting on Twitter, than your obnoxious opinion. No, she is not going to kick people out of the restaurant so that you can have a table, right now. We wouldn't do that to you and we won't do it to any other table either. Look into her blank eyes staring right through you and ask yourself, "Self?" "What makes you think she is even capable of that?" Squirrel.......


Anonymous said...

"You are the first impression and set the mood of my table. So pay fucking attention cause no one fucking cares what dance is coming up and what your fucking wearing... High school isnt hard so stop complaining and do your fucking job." "If theres food sitting in the fucking window and in the red on the bump bar... Fucking run it out and stop talking about how drunk you were the night before, your still not cool for drinking one beer... Get to work child"


Social Virus said...

Thank you, "Anonymous Lisa," for being the first to submit a comment to this blog. The only reason that you beat me out is because the settings were changed, and for that reason, you will never receive my bicycle!

Lay off the kids. It could be worse ... they could be allowed to quote a wait time in a place that has 30 something televisions and endless attractions for all ages. If you are really so angry, then just get a round of waters for a table that wont drink a drop. That always eases my anger.